Dai Due Butcher Shop is an old-style sausage and charcuterie source, available at local farmers markets.  Our weekly menu of meats and condiments changes with the season.  All of our meats, vegetables and herbs come from local ranchers and farmers, and are treated with simplicity and minimal processing.   Join our mailing list  below to receive and pre-order from the weekly menu of items.  We feature regional specialties such as bratwurst, knackwurst, liverwurst, sulze, bockwurst , sauerkraut, boudin blanc and coarse mustard from our Hill Country German and Alsatian influences; chaurice, tasso ham, hot boudin and andouille from the Texas/Louisiana border; chorizo and smoked peppers from South Texas;  traditional breakfast style sausages, classic French and Italian sausages, smoked bacon and Southern style pickles.  All of our meats and condiments are made in small batches with high-quality ingredients.

We also offer Breakfast and Lunch cooked to order on Saturday morning.  The menu varies from week to week.