The Food served at Dai Due reflects the season, tradition and whim of our region.  Dinners are themed around a general idea, but the specifics are often not determined until the last minute – as our ingredients vary due to weather, crop failure, a bumper crop, or an auspicious discovery at the farmers market.  The menu is fixed, and is typically served family style, with 4 to 10 courses.

We Use:

- Organic or Sustainably Raised Ingredients from Texas Farms, most of them in and around Austin.

- Vegetables and herbs grown in season, from farms as close as possible to Central Texas.  The majority of the vegetables we use are grown in and around Travis County, and we supplement this with fruits from around Texas, such as apples from North Texas or citrus from the Rio Grande Valley.  We do not use any vegetables from afar.  Ever.

- Meats from local ranchers.  Our hogs, beef, lamb and goat are pastured, grass-fed and hormone- and antibiotic-free.  We use only wild-harvested wild game – never farmed.  Poultry comes from local sources that truly allow their birds open space, not “free-range” warehouses.

- Seafood from the Gulf, with a focus on “bycatch”, or overlooked and underutilized fish caught by fisherman seeking more well known and marketable fish.

- Local cheeses, dairy and eggs from producers around Central Texas, including raw-milk cheeses.

- Texas olive oil, butter and freshly rendered lard (or other animal fats) for cooking.

- Local cornmeal and wheat flour.

- Local honey

- Organic staple items like flour, vinegar, cane sugar, molasses, and maple syrup.

- Texas-made wines and spirits for cooking.

- Oak lump charcoal, as well as locally grown pecan, oak, fig, peach and apple woods for grilling and smoking.

- Rice from the Gulf coast.

- Quality breads from local bakeries.

We do not use:

- Imported or conventionally grown vegetables and herbs.

- Factory farmed meats or meat from corn-fed ruminants.

- Imported seafood.

- Hydrogenated fats.

- Teflon or non-stick pans.

- Nitrates or MSG.